SPUC  3.0
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elliptic_iir.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <spuc/spuc_defines.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <cfloat>
#include <spuc/complex.h>
#include <spuc/elliptic_iir.h>
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 fixed point types: spuc_fixed,spuc_ufixed,spuc_int,spuc_uint


#define MACHEP   2.0 *FLT_MIN


void SPUC::elliptic_iir (iir_coeff &filt, float_type fcd, bool lpf, float_type fstop, float_type stopattn, float_type ripple)
 Calculate coefficients for IIR assuming elliptic frequency response. More...
float_type SPUC::lamda_plane (float_type k, float_type m, int n, float_type eps)
 get roots in Lamda plane More...
void SPUC::s_plane (std::vector< complex< float_type > > &roots, std::vector< complex< float_type > > &zeros, bool lpf, int n, float_type u, float_type m, float_type k, float_type Kk, float_type wc)
 calculate s plane poles and zeros More...
int SPUC::ellpj (float_type u, float_type m, float_type &sn, float_type &cn, float_type &dn)
float_type SPUC::ellik (float_type phi, float_type k)
float_type SPUC::ellpk (float_type k)
float_type SPUC::msqrt (float_type u)
 modulus from ratio of K/K' More...

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#define MACHEP   2.0 *FLT_MIN
Tony Kirke

Referenced by SPUC::ellpj().


Referenced by SPUC::s_plane().