SPUC  3.0
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SPUC::spuc_round_class_function< SPUC_RND > Class Template Reference

#include <spuc_fixed_roundsat.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename T_ , typename TS_ >
static T_ round (const T_ &a, const TS_ &shift)
 Specialized round function for SPUC_RND. More...

Detailed Description

class SPUC::spuc_round_class_function< SPUC_RND >

round return type one extra bit to avoid overflow,specialize other forms as needed

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T_ , typename TS_ >
static T_ SPUC::spuc_round_class_function< SPUC_RND >::round ( const T_ &  a,
const TS_ &  shift 

Specialized round function for SPUC_RND.

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