SPUC  3.0
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SPUC::noise Class Reference

Gaussian noise routine. More...

#include <noise.h>

Public Member Functions

 noise (float_type i=1349555.0)
 Random seed. More...
float_type gauss ()
 Gaussian noise. More...
complex< float_typeCgauss (void)
 complex gaussian noise More...
float_type uni ()
 Uniform noise. More...
float_type uniform ()
 Uniform noise. More...
void set_seed (unsigned i=1349555)
 Change seed. More...

Protected Attributes

char s
float_type x
 Switch. More...
long idum
 Saved calculated value. More...

Detailed Description

Gaussian noise routine.

Can create (float_type) gaussian white noise,

complex<float_type> gaussian white noise

or (float_type) uniform noise

Requires complex template class

Tony Kirke

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::noise::noise ( float_type  i = 1349555.0)

Random seed.


Member Function Documentation

complex< float_type > SPUC::noise::Cgauss ( void  )
float_type SPUC::noise::gauss ( )

Gaussian noise.

References s, SPUC::sqrt(), uni(), and x.

Here is the call graph for this function:

void SPUC::noise::set_seed ( unsigned  i = 1349555)

Change seed.

Change seed

Referenced by main().

float_type SPUC::noise::uni ( void  )

Uniform noise.

References IA, IC, idum, and M.

Referenced by gauss(), and main().

float_type SPUC::noise::uniform ( void  )

Uniform noise.

References idum, LA, LAM, LM, LQ, and LR.

Referenced by Cgauss().

Member Data Documentation

long SPUC::noise::idum

Saved calculated value.

Referenced by uni(), and uniform().

char SPUC::noise::s

Referenced by gauss().

float_type SPUC::noise::x


Referenced by gauss().

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