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SPUC::data_conv_encoder Class Reference

Convolutional encoder for punctured encoding. More...

#include <data_conv_encoder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 data_conv_encoder (int index, int T_fft)
void reset ()
 ~data_conv_encoder ()
void set_rate (int mod, int conv_rate)
bool conv_encoder (const long enc_rate)
void serial_to_word_input (bool in)
long serial_to_word_output (void)
bool get_data (void)

Public Attributes

max_pn test_pn
long g1
long g2
bool conv_enc_phase
int conv_enc_get_bit
long conv_enc_u
long conv_bit_number
long rate_index
long enc_rate
long total_bits
long number_symbols
long frame
long serial
long sample
long data_index
bool raw_bit
std::vector< bool > raw_data
std::vector< long > pre_mod
int raw_bits_this_frame
bool no_conv

Detailed Description

Convolutional encoder for punctured encoding.

Convolutional Encoder for punctured encoding of various rates Uses common G1/G2 0x6d/0x4f generator polynomials Primarily designed for Encoder in an 802.11a system

Tony Kirke

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::data_conv_encoder::data_conv_encoder ( int  index,
int  T_fft 

References reset().

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SPUC::data_conv_encoder::~data_conv_encoder ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool SPUC::data_conv_encoder::conv_encoder ( const long  enc_rate)

References conv_bit_number, conv_enc_get_bit, conv_enc_phase, conv_enc_u, g1, g2, get_data(), and SPUC::reduce().

Referenced by SPUC::ofdm_data_encoder::get_data_frame().

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bool SPUC::data_conv_encoder::get_data ( void  )

References SPUC::max_pn::get_bit(), raw_bit, raw_bits_this_frame, raw_data, and test_pn.

Referenced by conv_encoder(), and SPUC::ofdm_data_encoder::get_data_frame().

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void SPUC::data_conv_encoder::reset ( void  )

References SPUC::max_pn::reset().

Referenced by data_conv_encoder().

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void SPUC::data_conv_encoder::serial_to_word_input ( bool  in)

References serial.

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::serial_to_word_output ( void  )

References serial.

void SPUC::data_conv_encoder::set_rate ( int  mod,
int  conv_rate 

Member Data Documentation

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::conv_bit_number

Referenced by conv_encoder().

int SPUC::data_conv_encoder::conv_enc_get_bit

Referenced by conv_encoder().

bool SPUC::data_conv_encoder::conv_enc_phase

Referenced by conv_encoder().

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::conv_enc_u

Referenced by conv_encoder().

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::data_index
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::enc_rate
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::frame
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::g1

Referenced by conv_encoder().

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::g2

Referenced by conv_encoder().

bool SPUC::data_conv_encoder::no_conv
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::number_symbols
std::vector<long> SPUC::data_conv_encoder::pre_mod
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::rate_index
bool SPUC::data_conv_encoder::raw_bit

Referenced by get_data().

int SPUC::data_conv_encoder::raw_bits_this_frame

Referenced by get_data().

std::vector<bool> SPUC::data_conv_encoder::raw_data

Referenced by get_data().

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::sample
long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::serial
max_pn SPUC::data_conv_encoder::test_pn

Referenced by get_data().

long SPUC::data_conv_encoder::total_bits

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