SPUC  3.0
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SPUC::cfft Class Reference

#include <cfft.h>

Public Member Functions

 cfft (int size, float_type scalef1=0.5, float_type scalef2=1.0, float_type scalei1=1.0, float_type scalei2=1.0)
 General Purpose C++ complex FFT Transform. More...
 ~cfft ()
void fft (CPLX *buf)
 perform forward fft on buffer More...
void ifft (CPLX *buf)
 perform reverse fft on buffer More...
int length () const
void hermitian (CPLX *buf)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::cfft::~cfft ( )

Member Function Documentation

void SPUC::cfft::fft ( CPLX buf)

perform forward fft on buffer

void SPUC::cfft::hermitian ( CPLX buf)

used to fill in last half of complex spectrum of real signal when the first half is already there.

References SPUC::conj().

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void SPUC::cfft::ifft ( CPLX buf)

perform reverse fft on buffer

int SPUC::cfft::length ( ) const

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