SPUC  3.0
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An A/D conversion class. More...

#include <a_d.h>

Public Member Functions

 a_d (char h=8)
 Constructor. More...
long clock (float_type x)
 Quantize and limit signal to size bits. More...
complex< long > clock (complex< float_type > x)

Protected Attributes

char size
long max
 Number of bits <= 8. More...
long min

Detailed Description

An A/D conversion class.

Bit width is specified in constructor. Default is 8 bits. Handles real and complex samples

Tony Kirke

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::a_d::a_d ( char  h = 8)


References max, min, and size.

Member Function Documentation

long SPUC::a_d::clock ( float_type  x)

Quantize and limit signal to size bits.

References max, and min.

Referenced by clock(), SPUC::sim_qpsk< Numeric >::step(), and SPUC::sim_qam< Numeric >::step().

complex< long > SPUC::a_d::clock ( complex< float_type x)

References clock().

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Member Data Documentation

long SPUC::a_d::max

Number of bits <= 8.

Referenced by a_d(), and clock().

long SPUC::a_d::min

Referenced by a_d(), and clock().

char SPUC::a_d::size

Referenced by a_d().

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