SPUC  3.0
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spuc_typedefs.h File Reference
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singleton  SPUC::conjr< T >
singleton  SPUC::magsqr< T >
singleton  SPUC::signbitr< T >
singleton  SPUC::quantizer< Numeric >
singleton  SPUC::builtin< T >
 Wrapper around built-in types to allow custom manipulations. More...
singleton  SPUC::complex< T >
 Spuc template complex class. More...
singleton  SPUC::matrix< T >
class  SPUC::vector< T >


 fixed point types: spuc_fixed,spuc_ufixed,spuc_int,spuc_uint


typedef long SPUC::natural
typedef long long SPUC::long_long
typedef double SPUC::float_type
typedef builtin< float > SPUC::Float
typedef builtin< double > SPUC::Double
typedef builtin< int > SPUC::Int
typedef builtin< long > SPUC::Long
typedef complex< float > SPUC::complex_f
typedef complex< double > SPUC::complex_d
typedef complex< int > SPUC::complex_i
typedef complex< long int > SPUC::complex_l
typedef complex< builtin< float > > SPUC::complex_F
typedef complex< builtin
< double > > 
typedef complex< builtin< int > > SPUC::complex_I
typedef complex< builtin< long
int > > 


template<typename T >
SPUC::conj (T in)
 Templated conjugate function template function that uses a class to allow template specialization. More...