SPUC  3.0
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spuc_common.h File Reference
#include <cinttypes>
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struct  SPUC::Abs_Func< A_ >
 Template functions to use in Compile-time Template Parameters : Absolute Value. More...
struct  SPUC::SMask< A_ >
struct  SPUC::UMask< A_ >
struct  SPUC::Template_Max< A_, B_ >
 Max compile time calculation. More...
struct  SPUC::Template_Max_Total_Bits< T_, I_, T1_, I1_ >
 Max Total Bits for spuc_fixed based on Max of two different spuc_fixed. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< S_ >
 Use Template parameter to select int type, default is error, should go to one of the specializations below. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< 8 >
 Specialization for 8 bits. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< 16 >
 Specialization for 16 bits. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< 32 >
 Specialization for 32 bits. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< 64 >
 Specialization for 64 bits. More...
struct  SPUC::int_type_size< 128 >
 For mapping to minimum integer type size. More...
struct  SPUC::int_size_needed< S_ >


 fixed point types: spuc_fixed,spuc_ufixed,spuc_int,spuc_uint


typedef int64_t SPUC::max_int_type
 Possible ranges for bit-widths. More...
typedef uint64_t SPUC::max_uint_type